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This Theme is Not For Sale

This Theme was customized for an International Consulting Firm and no longer for sale. It is set as a demonstration on how we can build a custom theme built upon your custom business. Email or call 406.260.5761.

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Rocky, I am thinking I want to reduce the size of the logo as well as the font on the nave bar. and then close up the top margin and this would be ready to go.

The words that we had in the earlier banner just made it look to busy and messy. This looks great. the image you chose is wonderful and the blues are really nice. What a great find. Ok so looks like we are just about there.

“This is just the beginning of the project. Looking for colors and feel of the site. Every thing about this site at this moment is changeable. This is just the beginning of the project.” “Looking for colors and feel of the site. Every thing about this site at this moment is changeable. I went with similar colors but adding in continuity.” The blues on the other site are all different and do not match your logo. So I blended a bit of the dark blues and hinted at some lighter blues to make the color flow a bit better. However I did make it more consistent in the realms of the blacks from your logo to give it an actual theme blend.

With out the huge banner I was able to design for functionality rather than bling. Your Seo will be much better. We can add bling back in in just about anywhere we decide. On any page or area. But do keep in mind that it should not be at the top of the first page.

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